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Air Conditioning isn’t something that vehicles need, it’s something that people need. We rarely notice it when it’s working, but do we ever notice when it isn’t.
Most people think that the air conditioning system within your car works by cooling air and blowing it into the vehicle interior. While this is certainly what it feels like, the truth of the matter is that A/C works by sending heat out, along with moisture to keep condensation off your windshield and windows.
It’s good practice to get a full air conditioning service at least once every two years, ideally just as or just before the hotter months. Refrigerant requires flushing at regular intervals in order to ensure the efficient operation of your air conditioning system.

Well-maintained A/C Saves You Money on Fuel Economy

It takes a lot of energy to cool down the interior space of your vehicle, and the only place your vehicle can draw this energy from is the engine! Inefficient, poorly maintained A/C systems take considerably more time and energy to do the job.
To ensure maximum fuel economy, it’s important to stay aware of the condition of your A/C system. Not only should you take note if your system takes unusually long to cool your vehicle, but pay attention to the interaction that A/C use has on idling and engine temperature. Severe fluctuations can indicate a problem with your system!

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