Keep It In Gear: Maintaining a Well-Tuned Transmission

In simple terms, a vehicle’s transmission makes it so that a single rotation of the engine’s camshaft leads to more than a single rotation of the wheels. Gears on a bicycle work the same way. In higher gears, your legs can pump at the same rate, while the wheels turn quicker and the bike goes faster. At lower gears, your feet go faster, but you don’t have to push quite as hard to get moving!

Unlike the gears on a bike, your car, truck, van, or SUV’s transmission is extremely complex and therefore, has more complex needs. Bike chains only require a greasing once-and-again, while transmissions require regular flushes of specialized transmission fluid. Dealing with significant force and friction regularly, transmission components will wear quickly if not properly lubricated. It is important to ensure your transmission receives regular maintenance and repairs from a reputable auto shop when necessary, to ensure its continued function.

Regular Transmission Servicing Means a Strong, Healthy Car

More than just providing lubrication to prevent accelerated wear on metal gears, transmission fluid will also ‘clean’ your transmission. Metal pressing on metal to process hundreds of horsepower causes wear even when properly lubricated. Gears will rub against each other, creating little bits of metal that will ‘flake’ off gear faces. Allowed to accumulate, these flakes can gather together and get stuck in-between gears, causing significant damage.
Changing transmission fluid regularly will not only ensure that your transmission is experiencing minimal wear and operating at optimal efficiency but provide an opportunity to ‘flush’ these flakes out of your transmission system.
The best way to ensure yours stays in top condition is to ensure it is serviced according to the schedule listed in your owners manual. Progressive Automotive will ensure that your transmission is serviced at the proper intervals – keeping your vehicle moving smoothly.

Transmission Repair

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