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We rarely think about our brakes, until they stop working, and then it’s hard to think of anything else. Investing a little time and energy into your thinking about your brakes before they’re in trouble can help you avoid it. Consider some of the problems common to car and truck brakes in Regina, and some of the measures that you can take to extend the longevity of your brake system. Your Regina auto repair shop can help you understand the inner workings or your brakes and how to detect minor issues before they become major problems.

Finding the Problem

Squeaky Brakes: If you find your brakes are squeaking as you come to a stop, it’s worthwhile to investigate the cause. Often, this indicates a failing part in your brake system, but sometimes can simply be the result of dirty brakes! Inspect brake rotors for any indications of unusual wear.
Soft Brake Pedal: When pushing down your pedal to come to a stop, does your car decelerate as soon as you touch the pedal, or do you have to push it far down to come to a stop? If your brakes feel vague, ‘soft’, or ‘spongy’, this is a strong indication that you need to replace or service your brake system.
Warning Lights: “BRAKE”, “ABS” or “ANTILOCK” symbols on your dashboard are there to inform you of any failures in your brake system. We will diagnose and fix it so you will be safe on the road.
Brake Fluid: Dropping levels of brake fluid can indicate a worn brake system. Frequent top-ups can temporarily remedy the problems, but indicate a leak in the hydraulic system that needs to be addressed by professionals.

Break Pad & Rotators

Servicing Guide

Generally, all it takes to guarantee a brake system is in perfect working order is to inspect brake lines, fluid, rotors, and pads once every 12 months or 24 000 kms. A Regina auto repair shop can easily help you do this.
As an additional measure, pay attention to your brake feel as you drive your car day-to-day. Your brakes should be responsive and efficient. Vagueness, shakiness, or inefficient stopping are all indications that you ought to inspect your brake system.

Replacement Guide

Brake components are not something it is generally wise to try and save money on. While it’s just as unwise to advocate overspending, cheap brakes end up saving you in the short term but costing you over time. Not only do they have shorter lifespans, but they are also less effective, exposing you to a greater chance of accidents.
It's always a good idea, when purchasing new disk brake components, to purchase both pads and rotors. Because each pair will create a different wear pattern, replacing a single component will cause both components to wear faster and work less efficiently.

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