Keep Your Car Protected with Suspension Maintenance

Suspension: The suspension system of your vehicle does far more than simply ensuring a smooth ride. In fact, creating a comfortable driving experience in one of the least important jobs vehicle suspension systems perform.
Suspension systems are first meant to absorb shock and vibration, and ensure that tires are consistently in contact with the road.
Without absorbing shock, every bump in the road would cause shock and vibration all throughout your vehicle, massively accelerating wear and tear. Potholes would not only hurt you but cause significant damage to your entire vehicle. Suspension systems absorb these shocks, protecting your vehicle from the damage they would otherwise cause. If you think there may be a problem with your vehicle’s suspension contact Progressive Automotive for all your auto repairs in Regina.

Improved Performance with Proper Wheel Alignment

Alignments: If a wheel on your car is misaligned by even a degree as small as 0.34 of a degree, after driving your vehicle 12 000 miles, you will have subjected it to the equivalent wear of dragging it sideways more than 68 miles!
When your wheels are not aligned, instead of working together, they work against each other. When three are pointing straight, and one is pointing slightly to the right, the misaligned wheel will not only wear substantially faster as it tries and fails to pull the car where it is pointing, but it will impact the efficiency of your vehicle, as your engine works harder to power through that drag.
Properly aligned wheels not only reduce tire wear and improve gas mileage, but they improve handling and the safety of driving. Cars with misaligned wheels do not turn as efficiently or sharply as those with aligned wheels, nor do they drive straight as easily!

Wheel Alignment

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