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Filters & Wiper Blade Servicing & Replacement Regina

Filters & Wiper Blades

Filters and wiper blades are relatively cheap components of your vehicle, but serve important purposes! Like any part, purchasing high-quality components is a wise strategy to ensuring long-term value and reliability.
Wiper Blades: Saving on wiper blades might feel great during purchase, but come at the cost of visibility during long Regina winters. Purchasing higher quality ones not only means your blades will last longer, but will be more capable of clearing water, ice, snow, and dirt.
Cheap blades are made of cheap rubber that will wear quickly. Exposure to the elements and shifting temperatures will cause even the best rubbers to dry out, harden, bend, and crack. Cleaning them now and again with denatured rubbing alcohol can go a long way to extending their useful life, but the best way to ensure reliable windshield wiping is to invest in silicone blades, which will often last the life of your vehicle!

Car Wipers

Filters: While your wipers are keeping the outside of your windshield clean, your air filter’s job is to keep the inside of your engine clean. Your engine relies on a steady supply of air from outside in order to operate, and this air carries dirt, dust, and all manner of detritus that is harmful to your engine. Your air filter catches this dirt, ensuring that only clean air makes it into your motor.
Filters need to be changed on a regular basis, as over time they will clog, preventing airflow to the combustion chambers in your engine. Swapping them out regularly is an inexpensive maintenance task that can go a long way to not just ensuring your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible, but will also protect vehicle longevity. With adequate oxygen, your car, truck, van, or SUV will run cooler, require less fuel per kilometer, and last longer!

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