Regina's Trusted Auto Mechanics

Progressive Automotive provides a variety of Regina automotive repairs and services to ensure all our customer's vehicle needs are met. We provide warranty-approved servicing by all manufacturers, CAA, Lubrico, First Canadian, ARI, Element, SAL, Millennium & more!

Car Battery Service

Battery & Electrical

Ensure your vehicle’s battery and electrical are in working condition throughout the year with Progressive Auto’s Regina auto repair services. We offer both servicing and replacements, covering all aspects of your vehicle.

Car Belt Services

Belts & Hoses

Car belts and hoses are are the communication points between your vehicle and the engine. Over time changes in temperature, moisture and extended use cause wear-and-tear which needs to be addressed regularly.

Brake Pad Services

Brake Replacements

Brakes seems to be an item we rarely think about until they are no longer working. With Progressive’s Regina auto repair services you can learn to detect minor issues, avoiding large scale problems in the future.

Car Cooling Service

Cooling System Service

Your vehicle’s cooling system is designed to keep your engine at the ideal temperature while driving. Regular servicing and replacements when necessary help to ensure the longevity of your engine and vehicle.

Fuel Filter Service

Fuel System

Your vehicle accumulates dirty and rust in the gas tank over the years. Prevent dirty gas and build up from damaging your vehicle’s engine with regular fuel system servicing from Progressive Auto’s Regina automotive trusted mechanics.

Suspension Wheel Alignment Service

Suspension & Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle’s suspension creates a comfortable driving experience, while alignment refers to how your wheels sit. If either are damaged or misplaced your vehicle will experience major wear-and-tear, leading to damages.

Car Maintenance Service

Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance ensures your vehicle is in safe, working condition. From filling your tires to cleaning injection systems Progressive Auto inspects, maintains and repairs it all to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Auto Repair Service

Other Auto Repair Services

Progressive Automotive offers a variety of vehicle maintenance and auto repairs in Regina. We also offer services for differential lube & replacement, filter & wiper blades, and car a/c.

Transmission Repair Service

Transmission Repairs

Your vehicle’s transmission is what transmits power from your engine to your wheels. It is important for your transmission receives regular maintenance and Regina auto repairs to ensure its continued function.