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Engine Cooling Systems

Your engine creates considerable heat generating the energy necessary to move your vehicle and power all its electrical systems. Exceeding the temperature range your engine was designed to operate within can have broad and long-lasting consequences on the longevity of your engine. Whether your engine runs a little hot on a consistent basis, or infrequently experiences overheating, problems with overheating generally are a result of a failure in your cooling system.
The cooling system in your engine is designed to keep your engine in its ideal operating temperature. It is there to ensure that the heat your engine generates is kept from reaching dangerous temperatures. Consisting primarily of your radiators, hoses, and coolant fluid; regular investments of a little time and energy into maintaining these components will go a long way to ensuring the longevity and consistent reliability of your vehicle.

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Cooling System - Intercooler

Coolant: Coolant is a fluid designed to be ultra-efficient at transporting heat. When coolant is kept topped up and at the right concentration, it is best able to perform the job of managing engine temperature. When it drops too low it is not able to cool your engine properly which accelerates wear-and-tear.

Hoses: Coolant system hoses transport coolant where it needs to be. Generally made of rubber, they are particularly good at accommodating vibration, but will generally wear from the inside out. Coolant is mildly corrosive to rubber, and at high concentration will damage coolant hoses over time.

Radiator: The purpose of the radiator is to disperse heat. Coolant will flow over the components of your vehicle, sapping their heat, and transporting it through hoses to the radiator. The radiator, will run this coolant through a metal lattice, transferring heat from the coolant to the air within your engine bay, where it is then dispelled to the external environment.

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